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About us
Unlike most physiotherapy providers, we specialise in neurological rehabilitation. To find out more about who we are and what we can do for you, please scroll down or click on the links below.
Who we are

Who are you?     
We are a team of specialist neurological  rehabilitation practitioners. All of our therapists have extensive  experience of neurological rehabilitation and have been involved in the  management of a wide range of neurological conditions. They have  provided many years of specialist physiotherapy and occupational therapy  to their patients, both in the NHS and private sector and all are  registered to their professional body.

What do you do?
We provide a full, neurological rehabilitation  service. One of our therapists can come and see you in your own home  where we will provide a full assessment of your abilities and needs.  Together we can work out an individual treatment programme that is  specific to your condition and requirements.

We can provide therapy at any stage of a condition:
Acute / relapsing conditions
  • Stroke
  • Head Injury
  • Relapsing/remitting MS
  • Following neuro surgery
  • Remission following medical treatment for tumours
  • Following a fall
  • And others…

We will provide you with a course of treatment  to optimise your recovery and functional ability.  We will also aim to  minimise secondary problems such as spasticity, stiffness and weakness.
Progressive or long standing conditions
In  progressive or long standing conditions such as MS, spinal cord injury  and chronic stroke we can work with you to optimise your strength,  maintain flexibility, minimise pain and keep you as independent as  possible.
In all stages we can work with other health  professionals to participate in management of pain, bladder and bowel  functions, pressure care, behaviour/mood issues and swallowing problems.
For further information, please call us on 07535 705168.

Neuro Rehabilitation

What is neurological rehabilitation?

Damage to the brain and/ or nervous system can arise from a variety of  causes and can adversely affect:-
Cognitive ability -  home management, employment, safety awareness, memory, concentration,  processing and planning, skill transfer, understanding a joke or TV  advert, emotional control, visual or spatial awareness.

Physical and sensory ability - mobility, strength, balance, co-ordination,  dexterity, taste, smell, sense of touch, temperature and body position,  speech, breathing, eating and drinking, bladder and bowel control.

Psychological well being -
mental health, confidence, sense of value, and pride, social interaction and making/keeping friends.
Energy levels -  fatigue as a result of poor sleep due to poor positioning, pain and  worry, or fatigue due to specific conditions can also impact on  physical, cognitive and psychological health.
All of these problems overlap and impact on each  other. In order to gain a positive outcome in one area, it is essential  that the therapist has a good understanding of all areas and how they  inter-relate.
Neurological rehabilitation is a complex process  which aims to aid recovery from damage to the nervous system and/or  enable patients to learn and adapt to new ways of functioning. It also  helps patients to live life as independently and comfortably as possible  and to maximise quality of life.
Prevention and treatment of secondary problems are in important part of rehabilitation. Examples include:

  • weakness and fatigue through  lack of use,
  • joint and/or muscle injury (contractures/stiffness/spasticity and pain),
  • mood problems,
  • chest infections,
  • constipation  and pressure sores.
For further information, please call us on 07535 705168.

Meet the team
Hayley Steele
Advanced neurological physiotherapist

Hayley  gained her BHSc (hons) degree from Leeds University in 1997. She  completed  junior rotations in many areas of physiotherapy and then  chose to specialise in neurology in 1999.  
As a senior neurological physiotherapist at  North Staffordshire hospital she completed rotations in rehabilitation,  acute medical neurology, neurology, neurosurgery and neuro high  dependency. During this time she also acted as a steward for the  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and as a clinical education co-ordinator for Keele University.

Hayley had a change of role in 2003 when she became a discharge co-ordinator  for the North Staffs Hospital but in 2004 she returned to physiotherapy  as an advanced practitioner in neurological rehabilitation.

Hayley  is a Bobath trained therapist, as well  as being trained in various other  therapies to provide a mixed range of  skills designed to meet your needs. Other therapies include  acupuncture, saebo, facial rehabilitation, neuro-electrical  stimulation (trophic, strengthening and functional orthotic use), lower  limb biomechanics, body control pilates and dynamic stability/muscle  imbalance. She worked alongside Professor Anthony Ward (International  expert on spasticity management) for many years, which provided  invaluable experience.  She has taught on the European injection  technique training course “Botulinum Toxin Type A - For the Treatment of Localised Spasticity” Physical management and Neuroplasticity.

In 2010  Hayley gained a 75% masters module mark  in injection therapy at Coventry University and has since injected  Botox for spasticity. She has also attended World and European  Congresses for Physical and Rehabilitation medicine.

Hayley is a member of The Chartered Society of  Physiotherapy (CSP), Association of Physiotherapists Interested in  Neurology (ACPIN), Therapists in MS (TiMS), Acupuncture Association of  Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and the Special Interest Group for  Neurotherapists in Staffordshire (SIGNet).

For further information, please call us on 07535 705168.

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